Content Authoring

A clean workspace for quality journalism

Eidosmedia content authoring platforms give journalists and editors a clean workspace to create stories for their audience with easy access to sources and materials.


Simple authoring tools - plus AI assistants

Eidosmedia content authoring platforms cut through the clutter to give authors a clean, friendly workspace with powerful tools and rich resources just a click away.

Routine tasks like summary generation and social media posting use up journalists’ time and energy.

In Eidosmedia platforms these are handled by AI assistants, freeing journalists to concentrate on their audience and their content.

Productivity is maximized, even for the most media-rich stories tailored for multiple destinations.

Media at your fingertips

The pictures and other media you need to complete your story appear automatically in your authoring workspace.

Just drag them into your text. They reformat to fit – no tweaking needed.

When your story is published, each channel version will get the media format it needs

thumbnail for social, lo-res for web, hi-res for print pages. Automatically!

Remote authoring

Work from anywhere, using any device, from desktop PC or laptop to tablet and smartphone.

As a remote user, you have a complete range of editorial workflow functions:


Remote story authoring

A clean, uncluttered interface where the focus is entirely on creating the story.

Search and insert media

Pull in photos, galleries, videos and social media posts from a side panel. They format to fit the story.

Monitor web and social traffic

Coordinators use web analytics and the social-media dashboard to measure audience response.

Shared planning space

Coordinators assign tasks and monitor progress of other team members.

Preview published story

You can see previews of how your story will look in different publication channels – web, tablet, mobile, even print.

Coordinated live-blogging

Teams of remote bloggers feed the live stream under control of a moderator.

Find out more about the Swing family of mobile workspaces >

Web, print, mobile - no repurposing

When you create a story it’s already formatted for every destination – web, mobile, social, print – and you can preview how it will look in each.

Is that headline a bit long for the homepage teaser? Shorten it and tag it for homepage only. Alternatively, get your AI Assistant to make the change.

At publication time, each destination will automatically get the right version.

With powerful multimedia authoring tools like these, you can forget ‘repurposing’ – just concentrate on your content..


Working as team

Working together on the same story is easy. Each member of your team can work on a separate component:

  • Main text
  • Text boxes
  • Tables and charts
  • Pictures & graphics

And it makes no difference if your team members are in the next office or in another country – you all see the whole story updated in real time, so it’s easy to coordinate your contributions.

Find out more about Orchestration

Advanced print page design

For print publications – newspapers, magazines, reports and journals – Eidosmedia's content publishing systems give you a page design workspace with functions that rival those of a dedicated graphic design application.

Authors and designers can work at every level from fine typographic detail up to entire multi-edition page plans.

Your stories are automatically formatted for print as well as digital, so there is total integration between print and online editions.

Find out more about integrated print and digital publishing with Méthode

Integrated Adobe and Excel tools

Specialized apps like Adobe Creative Suite™ and MS Excel™ are tightly integrated with your workspace. Drag and drop charts and tables from Excel into your story. They reformat to fit.

Click on an image to edit it in an Adobe application. These objects remain ‘live linked’ and update automatically every time they are modified in the integrated application.



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