Integrating best-of-breed

When you need special functions lying outside the core functionalities of its smart content management systems, Eidosmedia goes beyond standard extensibility software to give you tight integration with the best available third-party applications to deliver the required performance.

Examples include industry-standard tools, from Microsoft Excel™ for financial charts and modelling to Adobe CS™ for complex graphic formatting.

You can also interface Eidosmedia platforms with enterprise software like SAP™ for revenue functions such as advertising billing and with web tools like Google Analytics™ to optimize traffic and engagement.

Standard RESTful APIs

These integrations are made possible by the standard, documented APIs that allow full interoperability between Eidosmedia platforms and a vast range of third-party applications and environments.

Integrating intelligence: Open-i

With Open-i you can integrate the latest generation of AI authoring tools into your workspace. Examples include Cogito™ expert system technology and Thomson-Reuters™ AI support for financial authors and journalists.

Open-i makes integrating these powerful editorial support technologies fast and simple, both in the management of exchanges with the external service and in the extension of the user interface to give access to the new functionalities.

ExpertSystem Cogito™ combines the advantages of semantic technology with machine learning.

Thomson Reuters™ Intelligent tagging turns large amounts of unstructured data into valuable assets.

You can integrate any API based service: We provide the backend, you just have to manage the query and the service response.

Cobalt — universal digital distribution

Cobalt takes the versatility of extensibility software to new levels – a new-generation delivery platform that uses an open-source approach to extensibility.

With Cobalt your output is tailored for any existing - and future - digital destination. And you can extend the range of output products indefinitely by adding native or third-party modules using Cobalt’s standard RESTful APIs.  

Cobalt is the best cloud-based CMS for developers: you get a stable but highly flexible base for the exploration and development of innovative digital delivery platforms, unconstrained by channel or format limitations.

Cobalt’s service-oriented architecture is also highly suitable for cloud deployment.

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