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Moving to the cloud with enterprise SaaS solutions

When you move to a cloud solution, your server infrastructure is installed in a private or public cloud (for example, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure).

There it is managed remotely by Eidosmedia engineers who take care of maintenance, updates and extensions and ensure that your digital delivery platform works smoothly at all times. Cloud solutions are usually deployed on a SaaS basis.

Cloud technology has evolved rapidly over the last few years and uptake among Eidosmedia customers has been rapid – over half of them are now using a cloud-hosted CMS.

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Lighten the load

The most obvious benefit of a cloud enterprise SaaS solution
is that you are no longer involved in housing and
maintaining physical infrastructure.
Everything – deployment, maintenance and
upgrading – becomes faster and easier.

What is a SaaS solution?

Conventional software deals involve buying a software release and subscribing to a maintenance program.
With a SaaS agreement, you pay a single regular subscription fee to access the software functions ‘as a service’.

With enterprise Saas solutions you don’t have to worry about installation, maintenance or upgrades – that’s all included. Instead of irregular capital expenditures, your platform costs are regular and predictable operational expenses.

The availability of the solution is defined through a service level agreement (SLA).

Benefits of enterprise Saas solution

Reduce costs

Cloud hosting cuts costs. Apart from hardware and hosting expenses, moving to the cloud also reduces staffing costs. Savings in TCO (total cost of ownership) are typically between 20% and 40%.

Scale without limits

If your online traffic is irregular with occasional peaks, your cloud-hosted CMS can ramp up capacity automatically and scale back when the peak has passed. You only pay for the capacity you use, when you use it.

Easy Update

Your platform will be regularly updated ‘behind the scenes’ by Eidosmedia engineers. You are assured of the latest innovations and features without any disruption of normal platform use.

Risk-free innovation

Your cloud platform is an ideal laboratory to try out new editorial and delivery solutions without impacting current production. You can also take advantage of the many cloud-based AI and ML tools that are becoming available to add value to text and media content.


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"We realized that a truly digital business is decoupled from its infrastructure and its physical location”

Sylvain Coutu, CTO, Canadian daily Le Devoir

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True location independence

Once your server functions are in the cloud, with enterprise SaaS solutions you can access them using Eidosmedia’s mobile workspaces, thereby eliminating the need for any on-premise software installation. You can do the same by moving your users’ desktop applications to a virtualized desktop deployment in the cloud.

The result is to make your operation entirely independent of local installations. Many Eidosmedia customers used this possibility to remain operational in remote working mode during the recent public health crisis


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