Integrated audio publishing - Eidosmedia partners with BeyondWords

Eidosmedia’s digital publishing platforms now incorporate an AI-driven text-to-speech (TTS) engine for the automatic generation of audio versions of published texts. The BeyondWords solution features superior voice quality and support for domain-specific language and abbreviations.

Milan, Italy. December 5th, 2022 – “Voice synthesis applications have been around for several decades,” said Marco Cetola, Eidosmedia Sales and Partner Program Director, “but it’s only recently that their quality and ease of use has approached that needed for everyday publishing and reporting. With BeyondWords that quality has now arrived.”

TTS rendering extends the reach of all kinds of reporting by generating ‘instant podcasts’ that allow consumers to absorb content while they are driving, exercising or otherwise unable to read a written text – with obvious benefits for personal productivity and ease of engagement.

“We were looking for a TTS solution to integrate into our news-media and financial reporting platforms,” said Marco. “We chose BeyondWords because its cloud deployment made it easy to integrate into our workspace and the quality and precision of its speech rendering will give an edge to our customers who want to grasp the growing opportunities in the content streaming world.”

BeyondWords delivers more natural-sounding speech than other TTS engines because it uses an extra layer of processing driven by natural language processing and deep-learning. This allows it to handle the tricky pronunciation of names, dates, numerical data and other text strings that trip up conventional TTS solutions.

Another key feature of BeyondWords is the ability to train AI voice models using actual speakers: “Imagine the impact of an article read by an AI voice model trained using the voice of a well-known journalist or financial commentator,” said Marco. “There’s substantial potential for brand enhancement and monetization.”

From the content creators’ point of view, the TTS service is fully integrated into the Eidosmedia editorial workspace. When the text version is complete, authors click in a side panel to generate and review the audio file. On publication, the audio is automatically embedded in the published text.

“The tight integration of the BeyondWords tool into the editorial environment results in exceptional ease of use, as well as interoperability with ancillary services like playlist management, audio usage analytics, paywalls and other access controls.” said Marco. “It forms the basis for a highly efficient audio publishing hub, fully integrated with the operation’s other digital delivery channels.”

“TTS allows news-media and financial publishers to add an extra high-value channel to their output at practically zero additional cost in time and resources.” said Marco. “It’s a valuable asset in the drive to expand portfolios on a limited resource base.”

Patrick O’Flaherty, BeyondWords CEO said: “The battle for audience attention is fierce and habits are changing fast. BeyondWords was founded from the desire for instant access to information through audio. We’re excited to partner with Eidosmedia to bring professional and natural-sounding AI voices and audio publishing capabilities to some of the world’s leading news media and financial publishers.”

The integration of BeyondWords is part of Eidosmedia’s partnership program aimed at extending platform functions in areas from text-to-speech, translation and intelligent tagging to automatic print page layout and advanced analytics and CRM.

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