Eidosmedia Partner Program

As a leader in headless CMS, Eidosmedia knows that the future of content is open and connected. We collaborate with software and tech companies to give our customers cutting-edge solutions, and accelerate their transformation to delivering personalized digital experiences.

Why Should you Partner with us?

We have a customer base encompassing the largest new media companies, investment banks and research institutions. If it’s mission-critical content, created by hundreds of users, working under pressure – that’s our preferred scenario. Accessing our elite customers will provide a fantastic opportunity to expand your business and let your product be part of edge innovation projects.

Revenue share

Receive ongoing revenue share of the customers' subscription fee.

Seamless integrations

Benefit from our powerful integrations framework and easily build new extension to our core CMS capabilities.


Showcase your case studies on our partner listing page and work with us on cross-promotional marketing.

Our Customers

Solution Partners

Solution partners build rich, end-to-end solutions bringing value to the entire content workflows, and complementing the core capabilities of Eidosmedia.


Singletrack is the #1 client engagement and analytics platform for capital markets. Fast to implement, Singletrack boosts performance across sales, trading, research, investment banking, operations, strategy, corporate access and compliance, maximizing revenue, profitability and workflow efficiency.


gateB is a global digital consulting and delivery company founded in 2009 with five offices across United States, Europe, Switzerland and AsiaPac. gateB offers data & technology expertise, with specific excellence in the CMS industry, providing tailored solutions to enable smart progress for our clients.

A team of 100+ passionate experts delivers tailored, cutting-edge solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, building long-term relationships based on trust and a commitment to superior quality. Together with Eidosmedia, gateB aims to bring to the customers one of the world’s leading solutions for content management along its integrated approach to deliver the most powerful digital solution in the Finance space.

Technology Partners

Technology partners extend the value delivered by Eidosmedia platform with specific software and services, augmenting end-users efficiency and productivity.

Featured Partner


Sophi.io was developed by The Globe and Mail to help content publishers make important strategic and tactical decisions around their content. It is a suite of artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered automation, optimization and prediction tools. Sophi was designed to improve the metrics that matter most to your business, such as subscriber retention, acquisition and engagement.

Sophi Print Automation powers automated template-free print laydown, bringing the hours-long process of print publishing down to just minutes at the click of a button. It also automates content curation with Sophi Site Automation, a solution that autonomously curates digital content to find and promote your most valuable articles. Sophi looks at all of your traffic and all of your content as it’s published in order to find the hidden gems that your customers value the most.


Frictionless text-to-speech publishing.


Natural Language Processing Designed for Business.


Automation and Predictive Paywall Decisioning for Content Publishers.


Blockchain provider for workflow and data security.


Translation services to excel in the global marketplace.


AI assistant for grammar checking and writing suggestions.

Want to join the Eidosmedia Partner Program?

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