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A world-class content creation and delivery system

Our solutions respond to the unique content-management challenges facing your customers in the investment research, asset management and investment banking sectors.

They provide a strategic platform supporting research and reporting at every stage of the process from discovery and collaboration to compliance control and distribution.

A rich revenue source

From license margins to managed services and upselling of integrations and extensions, our products offer a range of attractive earning and ARR opportunities.

A Proven Track Record in Critical Markets

Over the last two decades, Eidosmedia solutions have been successfully deployed in some of the world’s most critical banking and financial environments.

They are used by global investment banks and rating agencies, as well as asset management and independent research firms in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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A High-Quality Customer Base

A partnership with Eidosmedia opens the door to a highly qualified existing and potential customer base. As our partner, you’ll have the chance to tap into a market hungry for the advanced technical resources needed to maintain their leadership in highly competitive markets.

A solution at the forefront of digital technology

Based on a componentized data-driven approach, our platforms use AI technologies to boost productivity and cut time-to-market, while assuring exceptional quality and compliance control.*

Our use of standard and open-source technologies flattens the learning curve for your tech teams and eases recruitment of key technical resources

Integration and extension potential

Built from standard technologies, Eidosmedia solutions are highly integratable, often forming the content-management core of complex corporate ecosystems.

At the same time, powerful APIs allow integration with the latest cloud-hosted and open-source applications, to keep your customers’ operations at the forefront of technical developments.

This extensibility also gives you excellent opportunities for upselling and recurring revenue generation.

Partnership benefits

A lucrative revenue source
: as a reseller you’ll enjoy a healthy margin on product licenses, PS earnings and recurring revenues from integrations and upselling.

A low-risk delivery model
: amply proven in critical environments, our solutions offer exceptional ease of delivery and robust security credentials in both on-premise and cloud SaaS installations

Comprehensive training and documentation
: as well as our partner support team, you will also receive the support of our Developers program and access to the training resources of the Eidosmedia Academy.

Featured business partner

“The Eidosmedia solution … enables banks, ratings agencies, and research firms to run efficient and future-proof content operations.”

Uli Meier, Managing Director of gateB

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