The delivery of Eidosmedia’s high-value content-management solutions will be accelerated by Swiss-based consulting and implementation company.

Milan, Italy. April 18, 2023

“There’s growing demand for advanced digital content-management solutions among European providers of research and other financial services,” said Marco Cetola, Eidosmedia Sales and Partner Program Director. “The partnership with gateB will accelerate the delivery of our Méthode editorial and publishing platform to the banks, ratings agencies and research firms that are looking for effective digitalization of their operations.”

gateB is an international digital consulting and delivery company, headquartered in Switzerland with offices worldwide. It has specialized experience in the implementation of transformative content management solutions in the banking, insurance and allied sectors.

Eidosmedia is a global supplier of digital content creation and delivery systems to the news-media and financial services sector. Its solutions enable major news-media groups and financial institutions worldwide to achieve new levels of productivity and cost-effectiveness through distributed collaboration and advanced workflow controls. Eidosmedia solutions are delivered as complete SaaS cloud-hosted deployments and integrate a growing range of ML/AI-powered productivity applications.

“We are delighted to be working with a partner with the skills and experience of gateB in advanced content management,” said Stefan Bresslauer, General Manager of Eidosmedia GmbH. “Their specialist know how is an excellent fit with our evolving portfolio of digital content creation and delivery solutions.”

Uli Meier, Managing Director of gateB said: “Delivering highly personalized content to customers requires effective content management solutions. Especially, financial services providers are managing a large amount of critical and complex content. The Eidosmedia solution meets their special requirements and enables banks, ratings agencies, and research firms to run efficient and future-proof content operations. We are proud to have already implemented several projects together.”

Following an agreement reached at the end of last year, Eidosmedia and gateB have begun their collaboration on financial projects in Switzerland. The focus of the partnership will initially be on the DACH region, leveraging gateB's local presence to introduce and implement Eidosmedia solutions to the financial services industry.

“Eidosmedia’s cutting-edge applications, together with gateB’s proven track record of excellence in consulting, project design and delivery, now offer the financial services sector solutions of exceptional quality and power,” said Stefan.

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