New digital publishing platform for Deutsche Post

The German logistics group coordinates over 13,000 partner branches using the digital publishing platform from Eidosmedia

Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world's leading logistics service provider with around 520,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories. In its home market, Deutsche Post offers mail and parcel services through 27,000 sales outlets, including around 13,000 partner branches, mostly in cooperation with retailers. These partner branches have recently started using the Eidosmedia Méthode platform.

The smooth operation of the branches depends to a large extent on efficient communications between the company headquarters in Bonn and the local partners. The communication channels range from printed newspapers and magazines to an online ‘partner portal’ offering online training courses and manuals, for example.

Over time, however, it became more difficult to manage the quantity and variety of communication channels between the partner branches using traditional office applications and a standard portal system This led to increasing lack of transparency in the decision-making process with regard to the timing of information and ensuring that it was up-to-date.

Using Méthode it is now possible to coordinate all communication channels to the partner branches from a single application. All content goes through a four-step process from document creation and correction to validation and approval, ensuring that all material is accurate and up-to-date.

Content status is visible at a glance across all media and automatic alerts inform editors when information needs to be updated or retired.

"The new platform guarantees that our partner branches are supplied with a complete range of focused information," said Gregor Krampe, project manager at Deutsche Post. "The entire process, from the creation of printed bulletins to product information and personalized mailings, is covered by Méthode so that we can concentrate completely on the content.”

The new installation will be used by coordinators and editors in various departments of the Bonn headquarters.

"When an organization manages multi-channel communications with its partners and workforce using an unsuitable system, the use of the system can become complex and sometimes very costly," observed Andreas Bock, project manager at Eidosmedia. "By simplifying and streamlining the processes, Méthode has made the use of the system efficient and cost-effective.”

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