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Do great work with great people

Our teams are made up of creative technology enthusiasts. We take pride and pleasure in delivering excellence through the talents of our people.

At Eidosmedia you’ll work in an environment where everyone can reach their full potential, where everybody’s contribution is valued equally in an atmosphere of mutual respect and regard.

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Our Values

These are the guiding principles that inform our work and our relationships.


We act with integrity and respect.


We embrace diversity & promote inclusion. Everyone is valued.


We take full ownership and accountability in our daily work.

The Future

We embrace and drive change.


We achieve excellence through the close coordination of our collective talents.

We use Agile methodology

Agile is a collaborative mindset that stimulates teamwork, self-organization and accountability. It encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, setting best practices to create great products faster and more predictably, reducing risk.

We believe that an Agile mindset enables us to boost the motivation and productivity of our teams, resulting in higher client satisfaction.

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Work with the latest technologies

We work to keep our solutions at the forefront of digital innovation using technologies like: NodeJS, ElasticSearch, Hazelcast, Javascript, React, Kubernetes, AWS, Docker ... and many more.

Our solutions incorporate generative AI technologies. An important part of our development effort is focused on evaluating and integrating new AI tools and services as they become available.

Work for big customers

In Eidosmedia we are used to working with big names: we deliver high-performing solutions to some of the world's top global banking organizations and financial rating agencies, the world's largest news organization and even Europe's leading sports union.

That’s pretty cool, we have to say.

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People who do great work deserve great support

At Eidosmedia we are strongly committed to creating a positive work environment, developing and promoting good workplace health practices and putting our people's well-being first.

Continuous development

Curiosity and sharing ideas is in our DNA. That's why we have exciting ongoing learning opportunities like e-learning platforms, All Hands and Talking Heads meetings.

Work-Life balance

Eidosmedia embraces flexibility and a balanced, hybrid working model: plenty of focus time working from home as well as in-person collaboration that fosters trust, unlocks creativity, and accelerates innovation. The best of both worlds!

Cool locations

Around the world, from Milan to New York, Paris to Shanghai, our offices are located in attractive areas close to the centres of business capitals. You’ll work with colleagues and customers from around the globe … and you can even work alongside them thanks to our exchange programs!


We care deeply about the mental and physical health of our people. That’s why Eidosmedia promotes wellbeing initiatives and healthy choices, being also a recognized member of the WHP Workplace Health Promotion network.


We take a broad view of sustainability and that’s why we always take it into account in our day-to-day business choices.


At Eidosmedia we welcome diversity among our people, embracing each person's uniqueness to develop a more inclusive culture. We aim to create an environment where everybody can feel an authentic sense of belonging.


Eidosmedia offices are located in the following cities:





New York




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