Masters of digital content

EidosMedia puts advanced digital technologies to work for enterprises engaged in critical content creation and delivery.

Who we are

EidosMedia is a global leader in digital content publishing solutions. Founded in 1999 in Milan by a development team with two decades of experience in creating successful publishing systems for newspapers and magazines, today our software powers some of the world’s largest news media organizations and the publishing operations of leading financial institutions.

Our strengths

Our strengths lie in the vision to see what is possible and the talent to make it a reality. We harness the power of emerging digital technologies and put them to work at every stage of the content management process, from team-based creation to final distribution.

Our mission 

Our mission is to keep our customers' operations at the forefront of developments in digital publishing by harnessing the full potential of evolving digital technologies.

Sectors of activity

EidosMedia is active in the following application sectors.


Advanced technology for sustainable storytelling.

Financial services 

Digital transformation in financial publishing.

Public sector

 Content management for the public sector.

Life Sciences

Robust document management platform.



EidosMedia stays close to its customers through offices and local teams situated in many of the world's business capitals.

New York
São Paulo


A Pangea Foundation project sponsored by EidosMedia is delivering significant benefits for thousands of Indian women and their families.