Deutsche Post/DHL retail network coordination

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The German logistics group uses Méthode to coordinate operations with its 15,000 retail post offices.


Deutsche Post is the world’s largest logistics group with over 500,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories.

In its home market the organization delivers its services through over 15,000 ‘post-office corners’, mostly located in other retail premises through a partnership arrangement. They offer a wide range of services from letter and parcel post to banking and new postage stamp issues.

The smooth running of the retail network depends crucially on efficient communication between Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn and the managers and employees of the local offices.

The channels of communication range from printed newspapers and magazines to online training courses and manuals to keep partners up to speed with postal methods and procedures.

“The newplatform guarantees that our partner branches are supplied with a complete range of focused information.” - Gregor Krampe, Deutsche Post project manager

The challenge

Over time the quantity and variety of branch communications had grown to the point where it had become difficult to manage using conventional office applications and a standard portal system.

It was difficult to keep track of what had been published and when, whether it need to be updated and which steps in the process had been carried out.

The solution

Deutsche Post were already using an EidosMedia platform for their global workforce communications and they decided to adopt a similar solution as a CMS for branch management.

The new platform allows all types of communication with the branches to be managed from a single application space. All content passes through a four-step process from authoring and proofreading to validation and release, ensuring that it is correct and up-to-date.

The publication history for all content is visible at a glance and automatic alerts inform editors when material needs to be updated or retired. Where different groups of branches must receive varying types of material, the platform interfaces with Deutsche Post’s CRM system to send the selected content to each outlet


The new hybrid CMS allows the partner branches to be served with a flexible programme of focused materials from printed bulletins and online training to product information and individual mailshots.

The highly automated delivery programme takes takes care of routine workflow and distribution details, allowing Deutsche Post staff to concentrate on the strategic management of the network.

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