From data to decision

Immense quantities of data and information compete daily for the attention of those charged with making the best decisions for their clients’ assets.

Inside there, somewhere, may be ‘alpha gold’.

But filtering this vast stream of data to extract critical and timely information is a question of experience.

And also technology.

Accelerating discovery with a power platform

The Méthode platform accelerates the discovery of key data and information and packages it rapidly into dynamic reporting formats, immediately accessible by those making investment decisions.

The platform provides an authoring environment drawing on a broad range of information sources:

  • curated services (e.g. Bloomberg)
  • raw data feeds
  • alternative data sources
  • external data models
  • sell-side information.

The Intelligent edge - AI and ML

To be useful, information must be findable and speed is of the essence.

Méthode uses AI and ML technologies to tag and classify incoming content in ways that maximise its findability and value to each investment operation.

Many inputs - a single source of truth

As analysts assemble the reporting they have distilled from the market input, several users can work in parallel on the same report – accelerating the workflow.

There is only one copy of the report and all users see it updated in real time. This ‘single copy’ principle is fundamental to both the precision and the productivity of the operation.

Structured curation

Rapid assembly of analysis, data and modelling into focused reporting


Modular documents allow personalization and content reuse.

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Add media and interactive graphics with a simple drag & drop action.

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Pull in live values from external sources so that data and models are constantly updated.

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Data viz. integration

Seamless integration of Excel, Python and R modelling into report packages.

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These checks and validations accelerate the passage from discovery to decision-making, while ensuring that all output complies with the organization’s procedures and standards.

High precision - low supervision

Reporting that drives investment decisions must be accurate, complete and, above all, compliant.

Normally this is ensured through manual processes of review and supervision that further delay investment decisions, while absorbing the time of senior staff.

Méthode eliminates all but the most high-level supervision tasks through a range of intelligent workflow controls:

A system of permissions ensures that only permitted actions can be carried out by authorized users at each stage in the reporting process.

There are checkpoints in the workflow that prevent reporting being released until some action has been carried out – a legal check, for example, or the insertion of a chart.

Every time a user saves an item, a new version is created. This creates a complete audit trail of changes with clear responsibility for each action and allowing rapid recovery from erroneous interventions.

Universal accessibility

To maximise the global availability of the reporting created by analyst teams, Méthode distributes all production through a digital content hub.

This generates a complete range of formats from a brief newsflash in a smartphone messaging app to a web portal with interactive graphics or a conventional PDF document.

All of these delivery formats are generated automatically from a common content base and require no action from authoring staff.

All reporting is immediately available on any kind of device at any location.

A familiar workspace

Méthode maximizes the value of users’ existing skillsets and screen real estate by giving researchers and analysts a familiar office UI/UX, based on Windows usability guidelines

Mobile applications use the same design library, easing the passage between the two environments.

Standards and compliance

Méthode supports compliance with European GDPR legislation, SEC regulations and Web accessibility best practices.

Eidosmedia is a founding member of the RIXML consortium, establishing standard XML formats for investment research.


Eidosmedia CMS solutions for banks, financial services and investment research comply with the Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards ISO/IEC 27001 and additional Cloud controls ISO/IEC 27017, and was certified for both by the British Standards Institute, confirming our commitment to managing information and cloud services safely and securely.

Who’s using Eidosmedia solutions?

Eidosmedia solutions are used to create and manage fast-moving financial intelligence in some of the world’s most demanding environments. They include:

Four of the world’s top ten
investment banks

One of the world’s top three
ratings agencies

Independent research firms in the USA,
Europe and Asia-Pacific.



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