A fast-track financial reporting solution

Empowering the analyst

Eidosmedia platforms place the analyst at the center of a powerful workspace for the discovery, assembly and distribution of effective market intelligence.

Automation of routine tasks (increasingly AI-assisted) aids and accelerates the authoring process while ensuring the quality and compliance of published output.

“Eidosmedia platforms place the analyst at the center of a powerful workspace for … effective market intelligence”

Accelerating discovery

Today’s analysts can draw upon unprecedented quantities of data and research to drive their investment insights. But such massive resources risk becoming overwhelming without the tools to access and interrogate them effectively.

Eidosmedia platforms use AI technologies to tag and classify incoming content to maximize its findability. They also incorporate powerful search tools allowing analysts to locate assets across multiple domains from a single query space.

  • raw data feeds
  • alternative data sources
  • external data models
  • sell-side information
  • curated services (e.g. Bloomberg)

Assembling the output - componentization

Static report formats (the classic PDF) lock up analysts’ insights and media assets, preventing re-use and personalization.

Eidosmedia reports have a flexible modular structure, consisting of separate components – summary, introduction, charts and tables etc.

Once created, components can be reused in other reports. Some ‘boiler-plate’ components – for example, disclosures and disclaimers – are automatically linked to standard versions in the database so they are always aligned and up-to-date.

AI and assisted authoring

Automated routines handle every aspect of report creation and release, freeing the analyst to concentrate on the report content:

  • analysts start from preformatted templates containing all fixed content and layouts
  • summaries and contents tables are AI-generated
  • powerful AI writing assistants monitor language use from spelling and grammar to word choice and the detection of imprecise or unclear language
  • in multilanguage operations, high-quality AI translations are generated in side-by-side formats

As well as boosting productivity, these automatic tools minimize authoring errors and compliance risk.

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Automatic chart and data embedding

Interactive charts and data visualizations are powerful aids to understanding the investment thesis.

Eidosmedia platforms interface seamlessly with applications like Excel and programming environments like Python and R. Charts and data visualizations are inserted with a single click and reformat to fit the space.

Once inserted, visualizations update automatically following changes in the source model.

AI-guided data analytics can also suggest and create visualizations of a dataset for authors without specific data-analytic skills.

Compliance and quality control

Pre-formatting and automated support eliminate many potential errors in report creation while reducing the need for manual supervision.

Live-linking with external sources ensures that legal content and market data is always correct and up to date.

Compliance and quality is further ensured by controls and checks along the workflow path of the report as part of the “orchestration” of the research operation.

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Automatic personalized distribution

When all checks and controls have been completed the report can be released in multiple formats, to a variety of distribution destinations, with a single command.

The distribution destinations and formats are determined automatically by the distribution profile associated with the report, allowing personalization for specific subscribers and groups.

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