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A big Thanks to everyone!

This year the Future of Content event replaced the normal annual gathering for the Eidosmedia community with a series of online meetings.

In spite of the unusual format, it was a stimulating exchange of ideas and stories.

A big thanks to all those who contributed to making it a success!

Check out the news from the event:

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The event is divided into four modules: two took place in June and July and two in September.
Each module lasts two hours: New York 10-12 AM, London 3-5 PM, Rome 4-6 PM.

September 15th
KEYNOTE (10.00 - 10:40 EST)

Niall Duffy

EMEA Industry Verticals Lead – Technology Partners, AWS
Delivering Deeper User Engagement in Publishing – Lessons from Cloud.
Adoption of digital products, and stronger data protection highlights the need for publishers to deepen their engagement with users, through the use of more audio-visual content, personalised services and making use of data to better understand what users want and value. Cloud based technologies on video, AI-ML and data analytics have developed rapidly in recent years, and we will look at how cloud technologies can help publishers be agile and responsive in meeting user needs in an ever changing market.

Giovanni Buttitta

Head of External Relations and Sustainability, Terna
Creating a company-wide integrated digital communications platform.
Italy’s power-grid management company is creating a cloud-based digital content-services platform to streamline the work of its corporate communications teams.

Holger Hofmann

Chief Operating Officer, Eidosmedia
New models: Managed services, Application Management, Operations.
Eidosmedia as a services company: from hotline and managed services to Managed Application Services. Increased efficiency applying Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to the deployment process.

September 17th

Stefano Strignano

IT Business Solution Manager, UEFA
Delivering a digital live match experience.
Stefano Strignano, IT Business Solution Manager at UEFA describes how the Association adopted a cloud-based Eidosmedia platform and the Swing mobile application to produce and distribute engaging news and media in seven languages to European football fans and journalists.
TECH SESSION (10:40 - 11:20 EST)

Cristiano Meda

Chief Technology Officer, Eidosmedia
Prime v.8
Prime 8.0 – the latest release of the Windows client – represents a significant evolution in client-server architecture, brings improvements to UI and usability, including Ribbon Galleries for user-friendly tagging and styling, and cross-platform add-ins development.
DEMO SESSION (11:20 – 12:00 EST)

Michael Lockyer

Product Manager for Digital Solutions, Eidosmedia
Swing & Prime 8.0 for Research
Planning, creating and publishing content across the newest versions of the EidosMedia application suite. Swing has new features with new options for financial & research reporting, including Full Report view, Excel linking and PowerPoint linking. New features in Prime 8 include ribbon-style galleries for user-friendly tagging and styling, while remote server-side add-ins enhance the UI and position Prime as continuous development platform.

June 30th Find out more
KEYNOTE (10.00 - 10:40 EST)

Dr. Jochen L. Leidner

Director of Research at Refinitiv Labs (Thomson Reuters)
Machine Learning for financial text analytics and search.
The role of ML in modern financial information systems, illustrated by case studies from real commercial projects. Best practices in deploying text-based applications and forecasts for near-term future developments.
CASE STUDY (10:40 - 11:20 EST)

Sylvain Coutu

CTO, Le Devoir
Business transformation – an unexpected journey.
Canada’s leading French-language daily has undertaken a radical transformation of its business processes using a new editorial platform. The Covid crisis presented the project with unforeseen challenges and achievements.
PRODUCT STRATEGY (11:20 – 12:00 EST)

Zarko Panic

Chief Product Officer, Eidosmedia
The path to digital transformation
Unlock business value, reduce time to market and reach new audiences by delivering better digital customer experience through our suite of products.

July 2nd Find out more
CASE STUDY (10.00 - 10:40 EST)

Carsten Zeug

Head of Managed IT Services, MSP Medien Systempartner GmbH & Co. KG
Synergies and efficiencies in digitisation projects
How the creation of a shared platform transformed the business at multiple publications, from go-to-market acceleration to quick adoption of shared services.
TECHNOLOGY (10.40 – 11:20 EST)

Cristiano Meda

Chief Technology Officer, Eidosmedia
The developer ecosystem
Design, build, test and deploy. An exploration of the resources that accelerate integration with Eidosmedia’s services for a seamless user experience.

DEMO SESSION (11:20 – 12:00 EST)

Michael Lockyer

Product Manager for Digital Solutions, Eidosmedia
Swing and digital disruption
How a geographically dislocated team can plan, create and deliver content in a 24-hour news cycle.



Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Niall Duffy

Niall Duffy

EMEA Industry Verticals Lead – Technology Partners, Amazon Web Services

Niall leads the AWS Media & Entertainment partner segment in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Niall has over 25 years’ experience in media & entertainment, working for clients in broadcasting, publishing and digital, specialising in media management operations and systems.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Giovanni Butitta

Giovanni Butitta

Head of External Relations and Sustainability, Terna

Giovanni has been with Italy’s power grid management company since 2006 in a variety of managerial roles. He also holds courses in public relations and corporate communications at a number of universities in Italy and the school of journalism of the Italian public broadcast body.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Stefano Strignano

Stefano Strignano

IT Business Business Manager, UEFA

Stefano has over 15 years’ experience in ICT consultancy and management. He has been with UEFA for over ten years in a number of roles with responsibility for the organization’s digital and broadcasting technologies.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Holger Hoffman

Holger Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer, EidosMedia

Holger Hofmann Chief Operating Officer, Eidosmedia. Holger has been with Eidosmedia since 2006, when he was responsible for building the company’s presence in the German market. In his role as COO since 2017 he is in charge of Project and SaaS/Managed Service delivery, focusing on streamlined deployments, cloud strategy and security.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Cristiano Meda

Cristiano Meda

Chief Technology Officer, Eidosmedia

Cristiano Meda is a passionate change agent and Agile champion, with a proven track record of implementing efficient Agile, Lean and XP practices into teams to maximize output and reduce technical debt.


Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Michael Lockyer

Michael Lockyer

Product Manager for Digital Solutions, EidosMedia

Michael joined EidosMedia in 2012 as an application specialist in the professional services team. Michael moved to the Product Office in 2019 with responsibility for the front-end application suite.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Jochen L. Leidner

Dr. Jochen L. Leidner 

Director of Research at Refinitiv Labs (Thomson Reuters).

Dr Leidner has been with the Thomson Reuters family of companies since 2008 in scientific and managerial roles. He is also Visiting Professor of Data Analytics at the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Sylvain Coutu

Sylvain Coutu

Chief Technology Officer, Le Devoir

Sylvain Coutu has over 15 years of experience in information technology management. As a member of Le Devoir ’s Management Committee, he is responsible for the development of a vision and a roadmap enabling the title to continue its evolution across all its delivery platforms.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Carsten Zeug

Carsten Zeug

Head of Managed IT Services, MSP Medien Systempartner GmbH & Co. KG

Carsten Zeug has nearly thirty years’ experience in systems engineering. After a decade heading up the professional services department at Medien Systempartner, he has now been the company’s head of managed services since 2009.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Zarco Panic

Zarko Panic

Chief Product Officer, Eidosmedia

Zarko Panic has over ten years’ experience with market-leading tech and financial services companies. He has worked for companies such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv.

Zarko joined Eidosmedia as CPO at the beginning of 2020.



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