Global Customer Meeting


4-5 June 2024, Porto, Portugal




Ideas and innovation in Porto

Once again this year the Eidosmedia community will be sharing ideas and innovations against the backdrop of the vibrant Portugese city of Porto, home to our new tech hub and development center.

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AI – from Vision to Integration

Last year’s event was strong on vision as GenAI technologies promised significant benefits for news creation and delivery. Many of those innovative ideas have now been fully integrated into our authoring and editorial workspaces. There will be demos of these new tools as well as a look ahead to even more productivity-enhancing applications and integrations.

AI Integrations

AI Companion

An inline assistant based on Generative AI, with an intuitive, context-sensitive UX/UI for quick access to complex prompts and multiple LLMs.

AI Writing Assistant

The next-gen tool for writing accuracy: an ML/NLP/AI tool that learns from archive material and users’ actions to provide context and syntax-sensitive grammar, neural spelling and style review.

Page Assistant

Eidos' new, native, AI-based automated print page layout tool, features rapid AI model training and efficient, template-based, pagination.

Neon – the latest developments

Enthusiastically received at last year’s meeting, our new end-to-end digital platform is undergoing rapid development as we prepare it for our early adopters' program.




Tuesday, June 4th

08:30 am - WELCOME

Coffee and pastries

09:00 am - BUSINESS

A year in review

Christian Pelanconi,  CEO Eidosmedia

09:15 am - CASE STUDY

Key learnings and strategic outlook for data and GenAI adoption in the newsroom

Gregor Zoller,  CTO SWMH

10:00 am - TECH

AI - from Vision into Production

Cristiano Meda,  CTO Eidosmedia

10:30 am - DEMO

Evolution and innovation across our software suite: AI Companion and more

Omar Gazarin, Head of Presales Eidosmedia
Michael Lockyer, Head of Product and Front-End Application Suite Eidosmedia

11:15 am - COFFEE BREAK

11:45 am - PRODUCT

NEON, the digital first solution: evolution and improvements

Massimo Barsotti, CPO Eidosmedia
Aureliano Ventrella,
Product Manager Eidosmedia

12:00 pm - DEMO

NEON in action, use cases and integrations

Aureliano Ventrella, Product Manager Eidosmedia

12:45 pm - LUNCH

Networking break

02:00 pm - PRODUCT

Our roadmap: focus on AI and User Experience

Michael Lockyer,  Head of Product, Front-End Application Suite Eidosmedia
Rahul Ravikrishnan, Head of Product Eidosmedia

02:45 pm - TECH

Innovate faster with Generative AI: how to reimagine customer experiences, boost productivity, fuel insights and drive innovation with Generative AI

Luca Guida, Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services (AWS)

03:30 pm - COFFEE BREAK

04:00 pm - PRODUCT

Méthode Logging Platform (MLP) a new solution for advanced observability, logging and alerting

Marco Cetola, Sales and Partner Program Director Eidosmedia
Omar Salem, Hotline Manager Eidosmedia

04:45 pm

Conclusions of the first day

 Wednesday, June 5th

09:30 am - CASE STUDY

A Digital Transformation Journey

Tim Price, CTO Il Sole 24 Ore

10:15 am - PRODUCT

AI-powered automation of print pages: current status and future, native model

Jorg Drees, Marketing Director Eidosmedia
Diego Negri,  Senior Technical lead Eidosmedia

11:00 am - COFFEE BREAK

11:30 am - TECH

The state-of-the-art of the containerization of Eidosmedia solutions

Holger Hofmann, COO Eidosmedia

12:15 pm - INNOVATION

Generative AI towards multimodal storytelling: outcomes of SDA Bocconi workshop

Massimo Barsotti, CPO Eidosmedia

12:45 pm - CONCLUSIONS

Final remarks

01:00 pm - LUNCH

Networking break


Gregor Zoller
Director of IT, Medienholding Süd

Gregor Zoller joined Südwestdeutsche Medienholding as Head of Publishing IT for the regional titles in 2021 to lead a cross-functional team of IT and production experts, and is responsible for the application management and operation of the Méthode environment.

Tim Price
CTO, Il Sole 24 Ore

Tim Price has been Information Technology Director of the 24 ORE Group since 2019. He has followed the development of the Il Sole 24 Ore digital platform from the outset and coordinated the subsequent consolidation and constant innovation up to the new digital platform, introducing new innovative publishing products and services.

Luca Guida
Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As an AWS Solutions Architect and member of the NLP and GenAI community within AWS, he helps organizations be successful adopting cloud solutions and AI/ML services.

Christian Pelanconi
CEO, Eidosmedia

Christian joined Eidosmedia as CEO in 2017.Drawing on a background of extensive executive experience in financial services technology, he is engaged in extending Eidosmedia’s reach in the financial and corporate sectors while consolidating the company’s position in digital media technology.

Massimo Barsotti
CMO, Eidosmedia

Massimo has a long experience in digital transformation across industries: at Eidos he covered roles in tech and product management, and currently he is the global head of Marketing and Presales.

Holger Hofmann
COO, Eidosmedia

Holger has been with Eidosmedia since 2006. In his role as COO since 2017 he is in charge of project and SaaS/managed service delivery, focusing on streamlined deployments, cloud strategy and security.


Cristiano Meda
Chief Technical Officer, Eidosmedia

Passionate change agent with a wealth of experience in digital transformations, shifts towards Agile methodologies, fostering sustainable innovation, and harnessing cutting-edge technologies to drive unprecedented business growth and efficiency.

Marco Cetola
Sales & Partner Program Director, Eidosmedia

With over 25 years in the digital arena, Marco has achieved significant results in sectors like FSI, Energy, Media, and Retail. As a top sales professional with deep AI expertise, Marco's skills in driving revenue growth and building value are dedicated to creating the transformative solutions of the future.


Michael Charles Lockyer
Head of Product and Front-End Application Suite, Eidosmedia

Michael joined EidosMedia in 2012. After a long experience in large-scale projects, since 2019, he has been a part of the Product Office, where he is responsible for overseeing the development of the front-end application suite.

Omar Gazarin
Head of Presales, Eidosmedia

Omar has extensive experience in leading the successful adoption of Eidosmedia’s solutions by large customers in a number of different sectors. Between 2018 and 2022 he focused on the US market as Head of Product for the region and he now heads up the company's Global Presales operation.

Rahul Ravikrishnan
Head of Product - Research, Eidosmedia

Rahul, with 15 years of experience in asset and wealth management software, is currently the Head of Product - Research at Eidosmedia. He has dedicated his career to crafting innovative solutions that cater to the specific needs of investment professionals on both the buy and sell side.

Omar Salem
Senior Service Delivery Manager and Hotline Manager, Eidosmedia

Omar joined Eidosmedia in 2019. He currently acts as Senior Service Delivery Manager and Hotline Manager. Focused on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement enhancing the quality of Eidosmedia products and delivered services.

Aureliano Ventrella
Product Manager, Eidosmedia

Aureliano has been working with newspapers globally since 2013 and joined Eidosmedia in 2016. He has been helping customers for over seven years to enhance the value of their content and personalize their experience with Eidosmedia products. Presently, he is assisting Neon's team in developing the digital product of the future.



Location, Timing and Accommodation

The meeting location will be World of Wine, a beautiful cultural district that houses several wine experiences, museums and restaurants in the heart of Vila Nova de Gaia. The meeting will start at 9.30 AM on Tuesday and will end on Wednesday with a buffet lunch.



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