Opportunities and challenges

In a period of crisis and controversy, demand for quality news reporting is greater than ever.

But turning today’s opportunities into successful news operations means meeting two fundamental challenges: productivity and quality.

Maximize productivity

Manage a rich news portfolio with minimum resources.

Use AI to stop wasting time

AI can automate all your routine tasks, boost staff productivity and cut time-to-market.

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Streamline your remote working

Use remote planning and coordination to accelerate your teamwork across multiple locations.

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Turbo-charge your delivery

Let Cobalt and its powerful APIs deliver your news ready formatted - no repurposing, no delay.

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Accelerate your print processes

Create your print products from your digital content with automated AI page layout.

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Automatic layout for
print editions?

AI-powered page automation boosts productivity and cuts costs.



Maximize quality

Focus resources on delivering maximum value to readers

Know your readers

Use rich metadata to understand the interaction between customers and content.

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Enrich your portfolio

Add podcasts, text-to-speech and other media enhancements with a simple point-and-click interface.

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Automate for quality

Automatic checks and controls assure quality with minimum manual supervision.

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Cut costs in the cloud

Simplify your operation with a cloud deployment while reducing your costs by 20% to 40%.

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The secret of staying ahead? Constant evolution

Eidosmedia platforms are constantly evolving to keep users ahead of developments in digital technology and audience demands.

 AI-assisted content creation and scheduling increase news output, while advanced remote working and cloud deployment have introduced new levels of flexibility and productivity.

Sustainable news creation and monetization is supported by easy integration with cutting edge technologies like revenue-maximizing subscription and paywall management.


A worldwide user base

Eidosmedia digital delivery platforms power some of the world’s most successful news media operations.


CMS for the publishing industry, news and media.

Eidosmedia digital delivery platforms power many different types of news-media organizations, from purely digital operations to hybrid print-digital and magazine portfolios.

Intelligent tagging with metadata

A European business daily uses an expert system to tag their published content with enriched semantic metadata.

Improved searchability adds value to their archived materials.

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NWZ - Going hyperlocal automaticallyAI

NWZ - Going hyperlocal automatically

German daily Nordwest Zeitung wanted to publish fast-moving local content to its online editions while keeping manual processes to a minimum.

The ‘intelligent automation’ features of EidosMedia’s platform allows them to populate the pages by a metadata-driven process that is almost completely automatic.

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