Portfolio Management with Headless CMS

Enrich your portfolio

You can enhance your digital readers’ experience by enriching the basic story with media items from audio versions to podcasts and interactive graphics.

These inserts add value for your readers - and creating and embedding them is quick and easy thanks to a growing range of third-party tools.

Easy insertion

Without leaving the editorial workspace, authors use a simple point-and-click interface to embed items including:

  • audio versions created by powerful text-to-speech technologies
  • videos, podcasts and other media items
  • interactive graphics
  • social media posts and tweets.   

Easy Integration

Open CMS architecture simplifies the integration of third-party content tools as they become available, allowing users to keep up with the latest developments in this important area of reader engagement.

The Marketplace - for developers

The Marketplace lets you browse and even install third-party apps to add functionality to Eidosmedia platforms - anything from AI language services like text-to-speech, translation and automatic tagging to ML print page layout and advanced analytics and CRM.

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