AI and automation in content creation

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In the drive to maintain the sustainability and profitability of news-media operations, automation plays a fundamental role.

Freed from the routine tasks involved in delivering a multiple-format news portfolio, journalists and editors can concentrate on producing the timely, engaging content that adds real value to the news operation.

“At every stage of the content life cycle … these mechanisms are accelerating and simplifying news creation and delivery.”

From ‘traditional’ automation to AI

For over two decades, Eidosmedia platforms have been applying ‘traditional’ automated processes to achieve high levels of productivity in its users’ workflows.

These have now been supplemented with ML and AI-driven processes to streamline news production and delivery while maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision.

At every stage of the content life cycle from AI-asssisted research to automated scheduling and AI-driven print page design, these mechanisms are accelerating and simplifying news creation and delivery.

Automated inputs

Maximizing the findability and usability of assets and resources

Auto-tagging inputs

Intelligent routines add rich metadata tags to all incoming media assets to facilitate location by journalists and processing in the editorial workflow.

Auto-generated media formats

All images entering the production environment are automatically converted to the formats needed for publication in each channel – from thumbnail to hi-res PDF.

“Robot” search assistants

Users set up alert queries to flag them as soon as items matching their search terms enter any one of multiple domains:

• news feeds
• social media
• production databases
• the Web
• ….

Assisted authoring

Maximizing both the quantity and quality of news creation

AI Writing Assistant

The Writing Assistant automates many aspects of manual editorial review. More intelligent than a static style guide, this AI tool checks spelling, grammar and word choice, learning and adapting its responses to the users and content domain of the newsroom operation.

AI Companion

An integrated AI ‘toolset’ accessed from within the authoring workspace by a drop-down menu offering actions from ‘Suggest a suitable headline and summary’ to ‘Shorten this paragraph’ or ‘Translate this quote into English’.

Automatic SEO

AI analysis of the story content optimizes search engine performance, as well as adding relevant links and references.

Automated delivery

Advanced multichannel, multi-device news output

Automatic story formatting

On publication, story text and media content is automatically formatted for each channel - from social post and mobile to web and print - without need for manual intervention.

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Automatic scheduling

AI-driven routines publish and retire stories from digital channels on the basis of editorial policies and reader consumption behavior.

AI print page automation

An AI engine creates optimized print page layouts using the text and images files prepared for the print edition - in a fraction of the time needed for manual pagination.

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