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Staying ahead in digital news distribution

If there’s one thing that has challenged news media groups in the last decade, it’s the proliferation of channels and devices their audiences are using. Today’s consumers want to access the content that interests them through web portals, mobile apps, social media, podcasting, short videos and even newer formats, yet to emerge.

Preparing stories for distribution to these multiple destinations adds cost and complexity to any operation.

Fortunately, the use of intelligent automation and AI-driven digital scheduling is allowing news producers to meet these demands without sacrificing productivity.

One-click publication

Multichannel handling on Eidosmedia digital delivery platforms goes well beyond conventional convergent publishing. Stories already contain the formats and media needed for publication to all configured channels. At the moment of publication, the correct formats are selected and applied to text and layout.

Without manual intervention, the story goes out perfectly tailored for every destination.

Thanks to our content creation and distribution platforms, freed up from routine reformatting and repurposing tasks, staff can concentrate fully on their stories and their audiences - our content creation and distribution platforms take care of the rest.

Cobalt - the advanced digital publishing hub

Cobalt is a digital delivery platform based on new-generation technologies.

Cobalt works as a ‘content hub’ by normalizing editorial output into standard formats like JSON and HTML 5.0. before disseminating it to multiple destinations through standard RESTful interfaces and a wide range of output modules that may also include open-source applications.

In this way Cobalt provides a solid technological base on which organizations can experiment and innovate to stay ahead of the needs and preferences of their audience.

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Scaling in the cloud - elastic output and AI integration

Eidosmedia digital delivery platforms are increasingly hosted in private and public cloud deployments. One advantage of using a cloud hosted CMS is that peaks in visitor numbers can be handled by automatically bringing extra server resources online.

When the peak has passed, the extra capacity is stood down. This allows the installation to cope smoothly with extreme swings in site traffic without investing in server resources that would go unused most of the time.

Cloud hosting also makes for easy integration with a growing range of AI-driven tools and services available for Eidosmedia platforms - from automatic summary and media tagging to assisted authoring and scheduling.

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