Don't lose stuff

When you’re working in a complex information environment, it’s easy for important assets and resources to get lost. You risk wasting time and duplicating effort as untraceable materials have to be recreated.

Eidosmedia media and enterprise digital asset management systems help you avoid these situations by using powerful asset-management technologies to locate and keep track of media resources across multiple domains both inside and outside the editorial environment.




Enterprise digital asset management: searching and sourcing

Find anything is a digital delivery platform

Eidosmedia enterprise digital asset management software incorporates intelligent search technologies to help you locate content on the basis of relevance and semantic parameters.
Even non-text items are easy to find and deploy thanks to the automatic metadata tagging applied to all items entering the asset base. Within a single application space you can carry out systematic searches across multiple domains.

Search everywhere

You can search across local sources such as production databases and legacy archives as well as external databases, the web and social media. Your search results appear in a side panel inside the editing workspace. Here you can preview them, edit them with a click or drag them into the story or page you’re working on.

Robot helpers and lookouts

As well as for locating resources, you can also use Eidosmedia’s search technologies as powerful management and coordination assistants.

You can create queries such as:

“Show me all reports filed by the Hong Kong office in the last week.”

“Show me all wire photos tagged Davos in the last 24 hours.”

‘Alert queries’ work in the background and flag you when a specified condition occurs:

“Flag me when a Politics story reaches the legal approval stage.”

You can save and share queries with other users to create a useful toolset for monitoring the workflow.




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