“Future of Content” wraps up with inspiring customer stories and tech updates

The annual gathering of the Eidosmedia community concluded with two online sessions featuring interesting case studies and new developments in architecture and interface technology.

“This second cycle of meetings confirmed the feasibility of the online format we first tried in June,” said Massimo Barsotti, Eidosmedia CMO. “The quality of the contributions and a record number of attendees made this one of our most successful community meetings.”

Following the first cycle of meetings held in June, the second series once again brought together presentations of new developments in Eidosmedia technology with testimony from users in real-world projects.

Italy’s power-grid management company Terna has built a cloud-based digital content-services platform to streamline the work of its corporate communications teams. Giovanni Buttitta, head of the company’s external relations described the creation and benefits of an integrated digital communications platform.

Delivering a live match experience using digital technology in seven languages is a daily challenge for the Union of European Football Associations. The Union’s IT Business Solution Manager Stefano Strignano described how the organization uses a cloud-based platform, together with the Swing mobile workspace and live-blogging app, to feed live news and media to football fans and journalists throughout Europe.

Cloud migration is increasingly being used by customers in the media and other sectors to improve the performance and flexibility of their content-services operations. Niall Duffy, EMEA Industry Verticals Lead at cloud provider AWS looked at how the evolution of digital media and the quest for user engagement is being enabled by cloud-based technologies, from AI and data analytics to agile media management.

Cloud deployment is also a major element in the wide selection of managed-services options Eidosmedia presented during the meeting, ranging from remote management of on-premise installations to full cloud-hosted SaaS solutions. High reliability and measurable cost and performance benefits were just some of the advantages that customers may expect from moving to one of these solutions.

Release 8.0 of Prime, the Windows workspace, marks a radical change in the Méthode client-server architecture. A detailed presentation quantified the significant reductions in latency and improvements in performance of the new release in handling different types of editorial object.

Eidosmedia’s mobile app, Swing, is fast approaching feature parity with its Windows counterpart. Recent developments have been focused on the creation of the complex print and web layouts used in financial reporting. A live demonstration at the final meeting showed Swing’s new tools for the one-click formatting of complex page elements such as footnotes, sidenotes or embedded blockquotes. Seamless linking and automatic formatting of Excel™ charts and HighChart™ interactive graphics were among the other features that have made Swing into a powerful tool for creating richly-formatted presentations of financial research and reporting.

“I’d like to stress that all the functions and services presented during these meetings are available now with the latest Eidosmedia releases,” said Massimo. “In spite of the public health crisis, our developers have not slackened their pace in creating the innovations that our customers need – and I think that was evident from the range and quality of the new features presented.”

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