Swing for Finance breaks new ground in remote authoring and editing for financial analysts.

Eidosmedia launches its new web application for the authoring and editing of investment research. The new release may be ‘the world’s most advanced editorial workspace for geographically distributed mobile teams.’

Milan, Italy. November 18, 2021

“The authoring and editing of investment research are among the most demanding tasks that an editorial platform can be asked to perform,” said Michael Lockyer, Product Manager for Digital Solutions at Eidosmedia. “To deliver that kind of functionality in a web application, accessible from any location, is a fantastic achievement.”

Delegates to Eidosmedia’s 6th annual Future Financial conference were able to assess the performance of the latest version of the Swing for Finance during an extensive live demonstration at the meeting.

Investment research is increasingly delivered in multiple formats, from the conventional PDF to web pages, mobile apps and even social media.

Authoring a ‘multichannel’ report involves bringing together a wide range of components. Swing combines the possibilities of complex page layout and styling with live-linked Excel™ charts and tables, enriched with interactive infographics, embedded audio and video, as well as dynamic linking to external data sources.

Delegates to the conference were able to see how Swing allows all the elements of a complex investment report to be quickly brought together with minimum effort from authors and editors. Boilerplate items like disclaimers and disclosures are automatically included at the moment the report is created. Charts and tables from Excel or PowerPoint are live-linked with a simple single click. Complex layout elements like sidenotes, footnotes & figure galleries are created in the same way.

“This kind of multi-format authoring previously confined analysts and editors to the office, where they could use the power of their desktop workstations,” said Michael. “But during the Covid crisis, demand for similar functionality in a remote-working application increased dramatically and it has to be said that Swing for Finance is an excellent response to the need for greater freedom and flexibility in the creation and publication of investment research.”

“Driven by the needs of our customers, Swing investment research reporting software has made enormous advances in functionality,” said Michael. “What began nearly a decade ago as a tool for journalists in the field is now probably the world’s most advanced editorial workspace for geographically distributed mobile teams.”

Swing handles all linking, formatting and updating automatically and, at any time, authors can see an exact WYSIWYG preview of their report in any publishing format. The latest release also includes easy interfacing with third-party AI-driven applications in areas like text analytics, embedding these capabilities in the workspace and making them extremely accessible.

“We’re currently integrating the application suite with partners in the AI & ML space,” said Michael. “These perform ‘smart’ tasks like tagging themes and entities in the text and even performing quality-control reviews to flag up the use of imprecise or unclear language.”

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