Developers’ Foundry

The resources you need to build your solutions
on the Eidosmedia platform


Dive into Cobalt and learn how to extend our platform

Setting up a development enviroment

First steps with the Cobalt framework

Coding examples

Best practices for typical use cases

Customizing the publication process

Create your own custom publication modes

Design themes

Resources to build custom graphic elements

Extending Cobalt

Examples using Cobalt extension points


Sanitizing URLs

Redirect requests using custom logic

Cobalt API reference

Discover the flexibility of our headless CMS to build your own application


Configuring and customizing Eidosmedia mobile workspace

Eidosmedia Academy

Training courses and certification for developers

A dedicated platform

The Eidosmedia Academy is a dedicated training and certification framework.

Expert tuition

All courses are conducted by Eidosmedia application specialists

Get certified

All participants receive a certificate on satisfactory completion of the course.

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To arrange a course use the contact form at the Academy portal.