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Welcome to Developers’ Foundry

Design, build, test and deploy. All the resources you need to accelerate integration
with Eidosmedia services for a seamless user experience.



Check out the powerful new Visual Studio-based developers’ tool

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UI library and design guidelines for seamless integration with our services

PREMIUMExplore UI design library



Exchange ideas with other developers building our innovative solutions

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Download VSIDE extension

Work on any platform, code for any platform

Develop your extensions for the Eidosmedia platform from Visual Studio Code

BASIC (free)

The basic version includes VSIDE, limited to these functionalities:

Usage of VSIDE for the configuration of multiple EOMDB repositories

Opening and editing of configuration files from configured repositories



The advanced version is subject to license or subscription, and includes:

all Basic functionalities, plus:

  • Import and export serialized EOMDB configuration files to local file system, via VSIDE front-end tool
  • Import and export console utility "vside-cli"
  • Usage of VSIDE for the development of extension panels, including both Object Panel or Generic Panels, created manually or through the embedded wizard. Panels can be standard HTML/JS panels or REACT panels, eventually adopting the Eidosmedia REACT component library.

Access to UI REACT Design Library

Access to TechTalk Forum


Cobalt, Swing & Prime documentation

Browse the latest developer documentation including API references and sample code


Dive into Cobalt and learn how to extend our platform

> Cobalt cookbook

> Cobalt API


Configuring and customizing the Eidosmedia mobile workspace

> Swing API


Configuring and customizing the Eidosmedia print and digital workspace

> Introduction to Prime automation

> API framework references


The EidosMedia REST Application Server

> EDAPI version 2

> EDAPI version 3


Find out how to use this powerful Visual Studio-based developers’ tool

> VSIDE version 1

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