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Give your research the intelligent edge

AI and ML technologies - the smart way to add focus and value without adding cost.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a LIVE event - recordings will not be available later.

Unprecedented quantities of research and data are available to today's investors.

But quantity doesn't mean quality! In fact 80% of emailed research is typically deleted by the recipients without opening.

To really make a difference, this input must be tailored to the needs of each investment operation. It must be discoverable and accessible by all those who need to see it. How can you add this kind of value without exploding your costs?

Intelligent automation uses AI and ML technologies to let you:

  • Instantly tag all content for easy discovery

  • Personalize reporting for each customer

  • Reuse and repackage content on the fly

  • Expose your data and research through self-service portals and APIs

Check out our Webinar:

With our partners, Amenity Analytics, we'll be presenting real-life examples of the effortless transformation of raw data into actionable insights.

Join us!

Webinar Info

Who should attend?
Chief Content Officers, Heads of Research, Analysts, and Digital Leads who are seeking to understand and resolve their content challenges.

When? 27th October 2022
New York 10-12 AM
London 3-5 PM
Rome 4-6 PM

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Massimo Barsotti
Chief Marketing Officer


Zarko Panic
Chief Product Officer

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